Meteor Spotted – Hot Rock Re-Released


NORTH COUNTRY, USA – Yes, the story is true. A rock dropped out of the sky and this band was born. On 23 July 2001, millions of Americans saw and heard the fiery 30-ton meteor as it streaked across the daytime skies of the northeastern USA. The Front Porch Country Band’s members were taking a break from a recording session on the porch of their remote Pennsylvania studios when they felt the meteor’s blast. They immediately went back into the studio to write & record an original new song about the event…and within 72 hours this song was receiving heavy radio airplay. Here’s the smash hit single that launched the band. Based on the actual events, with a few(!) “Front Porch” liberties taken in the telling of the tale, this story-song features Kimbo and Johnny together for the first time swapping lead vocals, powered by Richard’s amazing electric guitar artistry and Rick’s hot rockin’ drums. This song has received radio airplay from New England to Texas, and guarantees that American “Country Rocks!” A crowd-pleasing favorite at every sold-out concert of The Front Porch Country Band, this hot release has dominated its category charts on for months, with over 100 consecutive worldwide Number One daily rankings. The Number One Rockabilly Song in the world for over 39 weeks during 2003 on the world’s largest internet music subscriber system.

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